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Difference Between a Suspension Lift Kit vs Leveling Kit

Sports cars are meant to ride low to the ground, but when riding around in a truck, there’s a strange sense of satisfaction being higher up than everyone else. If you’re looking to raise your truck up for better performance or just for a more intimidating appearance, it’s time to talk about the difference between a suspension lift kit vs leveling kit.

Gas, diesel, half-ton, or heavy duty, it’s time to grow that ground clearance on your used or new truck. ( First things first, both options are going to increase your truck’s height, raising the body up and away from the axles, creating more space for larger tires.

When a leveling kit is performed on your vehicle, you’ll notice the slight growth spurt. What has been done is the front end of the vehicle has been raised up to match the back height, evening out the entire truck, and preventing the bed from sagging beneath a heavier payload. On average, a leveling kit raises the front of the vehicle about 2 inches and is a fairly simple procedure which also means it will cost quite a bit less compared to a suspension lift.

Lift kits tend to run up a much higher bill because instead of just using spring spacers or torsion keys, the actual parts of the suspension are being modified. Typically, lift kits will range from 2 inches up to 10, but if this still isn’t tall enough and you want a skyscraper of a pickup, there are custom options that will put you up into the clouds.

In order to reach the height that you desire for your truck, altering the suspension will involve new springs, new shocks, and generally a new drive-shaft. It’s important to make sure that the brake lines still reach, and you can also expect the overall quality of the ride to be bumpier compared to its stock form.

We hope this helps a bit more in understanding the difference between a suspension lift and leveling kit. If you have any questions while shopping for a new or used truck in the Topeka area, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us here at BDS Suspension